My microblog :)
reverse chronological order btw

i havent been browsing neocities at all lately.. im so busy updating my own! i see my follower count drop drastically and i wonder why.. oh well :(
i want to redesign my homepage again.. (⌒_⌒;)
watching the glory.. at ep5 rn!!
its talking to me again
dick tektiv
just finished weak hero class 1.. NO ONE TALK TO MEEE IM BROKEN
need a good fix it fic of geto gojo shoko where geto still goes through a depressive episode but things are okay and geto stays at school. I NEEEDDD ITT
dont understand how ppl can drink casually like its so bad for u and it gives u PERMANENT liver damage and it doesnt even taste nice
need to copy fyodors idea and have a bucket of my own blood. just for fun.
when sukuna said hes an unwanted child like ok. now what. we all are. you arent special
2023 boys dont come to u with flowers anymore they just send u gym pics and hope u swoon
she oculus on my dextrus
i need abbacchio in me WHAAT WHO SAID THAT
sorry for the irl porn followed by the jojo fanart in my twitter bookmarks do you still love me
i have four weeks of school to catch up on instead im updating my neocities microblog I NEED TO BE KILLED NOW
paul wesley pronouncing outfitoftheday (ootd) as OUTDUH is the funniest thing in the world. OUTDUH
google what to do when you have a religious family but also have grandiosity issues ?
accidentally stumbled upon korean lifetwt, where koreans post about their life and their super cute desks adorned w animanga trinkets, posters and cute stuff.. its inspiring me! maybe making a main acc where i post aesthetic life pics too and talk only in korean to improve my korean lul
born to yaoi forced to work
tonight should i: draw, code, watch a movie.. life greatest dilemma's...
watching the last ep of skins gen 2 has made me ugly cry so hard.god
day 1 of having my tamagotchi and im already unhealhtily attached. if something happens to him bcuz of me i will kill myself
at the library rn. its huge. humongous even.
numb by fiji blue is so good?!