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“The eye, like a shattered mirror, multiplies the images of sorrow.” ― Edgar Allen Poe


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Land of Oz stories, along with the Oz Gazette on a monthly basis, which is a local newspaper that will recap the chapters you've read.

Other newsletters

The Alipore Post

Wonderful newsletter with beautiful poems, all very carefully chosen with love. Also gives great niche links to browse through! Click here to subscribe!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is an epistolary novel - it’s made up of letters, diaries, telegrams, newspaper clippings - and every part of it has a date. The whole story happens between May 3 and November 7. So: Dracula Daily will post a newsletter each day that something happens to the characters, in the same timeline that it happens to them.

Weekly Frankenstein chapters.

Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems twice a week.

Letters from Watson will let you read through the entirety of the Sherlock Holmes short stories over the course of one year via bitesize emails.It follows the chronological order of Holmes’ cases rather than the publication order.

Lesser-known works of public domain epistolary narrative, receiving letters as they happen in-story.

First surfacing in the 1830s, Penny Dreadfuls were serialized stories that were sold on the streets of Victorian England for a penny a chapter — sensational, frightening, dramatic stories that served as one of the precursors to modern pop culture.

Every day that we live something else has happened in history.

Amazing for slow readers, this newsletter will have you read bits of Moby Dick for two years.

The Picture of Dorian Gray in your hands every week, what more do you want?