hello!! this might be new news for you guys, but i like kpop.. i specifically am a fan of NCT! existed since 2016, fan since 2018, in love with jaehyun..

NCT puts out a lot of content, like vlogs, promo videos, promoshoots, magazines etc! to keep track of all i've watched and to have a place where i can fully rant about them, i made this page! <3

i used to deny being a kpop fan yet i made a whole log page for one group..

anyways have fun reading!!!!

oh btw, i haven't yet see anyone else do this for a group or artist or fandom they like. i see people do game logs, but i've yet to see one dedicated to keeping up with one specific thing. so if you know someone who has it, or you have a page like this yourself, please tell me!! i'd love to see it!!

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7 jan. 2024

im sick. JJH1 (jaehyuns first solo album) is probably coming and im EXCITEDDDD. anyways. look at these pics. that is all.

19 nov. 2023

BIG DAY FOR US ANNOYING PEOPLE!!! nct performed superhuman and haechan has a black mullet?!?1 ive been telling you guys that a mullet fits him so good.. superhuman is their best song I CANT BELIEVE THEY PERFORMED IT??? AAAAA

also they put punch, skyscraper and time lapse on their setlist like.. the world is healing..?!?!

ahh he looks so good <3 also im never forgetting this blonde haired mark.. his hair looked so cool here omfg.!!

alsooo haechan posted a new selfie <3 mark went live and asked jessi to join, she refused and his reaction was so funny helppeghg. alsoo look at this cute polite haechan :p

ALSOOO ALSO i havent talked about wayv's new comeback yet but woww their promo pics are AMAZINGGG.. okay wong kar wai?! my bias is winwin and he looks ETHEREALL in these pics guys look!!

16 oct. 2023

today i rewatched jaehyuns quarantine vlog! he talked about how he was the first of all the members to pack in his stuff for the 4 day quarantine in japan, but forgot two important things, his macbook charger and his speaker lol. this guy really loves music.. he ate his food, gave us a great new song recommendation -> It Runs Through Me by John Misch. jaehyun has such a nice music taste!

jaehyun usually carries a film camera and he showed us some of the pics he took! they were soo pretty, and it was so cute to hear him say "cutie" whenever he'd show a pic of a member :3

then after, i watched jaehyun's vlog in milan as he went to the prada show! he looked soo pretty.. and i felt a bit jealous. he has to do like, zero effort and he already looks good. can't believe he can just have a casual photoshoot in his hotel room and it'll look gorgeous..

then after i rewatched their documentary "lost boys" and cried lol!!! haechan's story and jungwoo's story always makes me cry.. they're such real friends i feel so sad.. i wish to have a friend group like them later!