Lyrics :3

And I thought I was yours
Or maybe I was mistaken
But I just cannot manage
To make it through the day
Without thinking of you lately

- Fireside, Arctic Monkeys

I wake up in an ice-cold sweat
And my skin starts to creep
You're hovering above my bed
Looking down on me
Haunted house sound effects
Dracula Teeth

- Dracula Teeth, The Last Shadow Puppet

Like an apparition
Hold me
With no conditions
Embrace me

- Embrace, Pastel ghost

I've been around the world and never in my wildest dreams
Would I come running home to you
I've told a million lies but now I tell a single truth
There's you in everything I do

- I bet my life, Imagine Dragons

Forget the future
Can we get closer
Pull back your eyelids
I'm lost in your iris

- Iris, Pastel Ghost

A flower is the heart of spring
That makes the rolling hillsides sing
The gentle winds that blow
Blow gently for they know
A flower is a lovesome thing

- A flower is a lovesome thing, Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald

Dark eyes meet under the sky
The stars are out we're alive in the night
My hollow heart finds it too hard to trust
We're all alone until we turn back to dust

- Goth, Sidewalks and Skeletons

The gift you gave is desire
The match that started my fire
Empty nights with nothing to do
I sit and think, every thought is for you

- The Paris Match, The Style Council