(Neocities) websites I love.

button radiowavegirl https://meowclover.neocities.org/ nork jasmine's journal

Neocities websites I love without a button.

Tovera Chronicles.
Brawlers world.
Cyber girl.
Worlds of Wonderland.
Mental Labour.
Seaside angel.
Bioinformatics Project Directory.
' Ye Jacobites By Name.
greum maol stevenson.
Super otter girl.

Other websites I love.

RisingThumb. super cool personal website!

personal website of a rock opera science fantasy author who publishes their books online for free!!

Science Hobbyist. personal website about a science hobbyists who publishes a plethora of articles about all different kinds of topics, mainly science and whatnot.

Aral's personal website. Personal website.

Bob Nystrom's personal websote.gem!! personal website with articles about alllll types of topics ranging from IT to books to music.

Stanley Lieber. Looks like a personal website but tbh I'm not sure.. is it fiction? or real..??? if anyone finds out lmk but its a cool site regardless.

Other useful sites.

Join courses and degrees, online! Some courses/degrees are by payment, but there is a ton for free. There's a wide variety of subjects. If willing to pay, you can even earn a (government certified) certficate to add to your CV!

Library Genesis.
An online library which not only has books, but tons of articles and old journals too!

A website that opens any encrypted scientific papers that you normally would have to pay for. As someone who loves everything science and cannot afford to pay for a bazillion papers, this is a godsent. "Access to information is a human right"!

Random Geocities/Personal sites I like.

Ragnarok Online sprites with German explanations.

Journal of a Fenny.

A GayOnen fanlisting.

So many cute pink buttons..

French fan's personal blog dedicated to manga, in French.

List of urls to people's personal blogs.

Misc sites.

An obscure website with only one page with a picture of a bird and the question "Where will you fly?".

The Daily Prophet! All Harry Potter and Marauders fans unite, since this newsletter gets updated monthly! Truly wonderful, it makes me feel like the Wizarding World is real.

The old Sony Classics website.

Easy to understand HTML tutorials.

Cute free pngs :p