Fake journals

So.. you may be wondering what this page is. Let me try my best to explain:
First, a little bit of context. I've always been the type to read a lot of books as escapism. Later on, I would also use writing and movies as inspiration of my daydreaming and coping.
To cope, I'd imagine myself as a certain character in a certain setting. It worked, but it didn't feel tangible, and thus doesn't feel effective as a coping mechanism. Only when I started writing it down did it feel real.
Okay, I think I'm still not making sense.. Essentially I'd create these characters and think I am them to cope. Delusional attachment is a word some people on social media use, though it isn't a medical term. But that's what it basically is..

Anyways, so I thought I might as well give those characters a space to exist. I still use them to cope with reality, so this is good for me too.

This site will always be a WIP, since new ideas will always be added onto existing ideas.
Have fun looking through!

call me by your name inspired setting, not added yet.

howl pendragon inspired setting, nothing written yet.