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hello web people. how are we doing?

it was an exhausting day today. went out to shop. prepared for our trip. going to upload a travel log when im back.

4 JULY 2023.

As I write this, I listen to: It Almost Worked - TV Girl

wowww hey guys.. haven't posted a diary entry in a month..! sorry for my last angsty entry, i was really going through it. im fine now though !! really genuinely fine.

anyways, im still on that trip and its so lovely yet way too hot here.. cant wait to get back home where i have my laptop and can work on my website.

just three weeks until school and im sooo excited. i missed school so much

ok short entry just to let u know im still alive ! will be back with a better entry soon :)

11 AUGUSTUS 2023.

Golden Requiem