My diary.


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1 Feb 2023.

Everyday I wake up happy knowing David Bowie got inspired by The Velvet Underground (One of my fave bands ever..).

2 Feb 2023.

The holy trinity (Keith Kogane, Nico di Angelo, Sirius Black).

3 Feb 2023.

Rewatched Beautiful Boy (2018) for the nht time.

4 Feb 2023.

Everytime I listen to Ewan McGregor sing "His eyes, upon your face. His hand, upon your hand. His lips, caress your skin" I melt.. He has such a sweet voice.

5 Feb 2023.

I have the niche disease called "Victorian Child Hypothermia". Everytime I'm cold my fingers turn blue, my knees get wobbly, my lips purple and trembling and green veins appear under my eyes. It is on these cold winter days that I am grateful to not have been born during the Victorian Era.

6 Feb 2023.

Bought seaweed snack and pocky today for 1.5dollars more than usual.. Inflation kicking my ass.. I'm glad I have a secret stash of gum in my room because seaweed snacks make me smell like a fish.

7 Feb 2023.

On the Level - Mac deMarco is a very good song and reminds me of Pannacotta Fugo.

8 Feb 2023.

Read an old magazine today with Keanu Reeves in it. Here's an excerpt;
Keanu Reeves, age 24, is single and lookin' for love: "I'm in love with the idea of having love explode my world."
Reading this made my crush on him grow even bigger. Keanu I can love you so well...

9 Feb 2023.

Listening to DURAN DURAN like a normal geek teenager (I am not a teenager nor a geek).

10 Feb 2023.

Grateful to be alive, grateful to see the leaves sway in the wind, grateful to see moss on trees, grateful to see bird feet imprints on branches.

11 Feb 2023.

Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Mark Knopfler, Mark King and Bryan Adams performing in London, 1986. Party time baby!

12 Feb 2023.

Every edgy 90s UK film needs an actor yelling "Focking shite man".

13 Feb 2023.

I will forever be obsessed with the quote "Sin is the sexiest thing since Judas.". Origin? Text on a guy's shirt from this fic. One of my favourite fanfictions ever, and a fic that everyone could read, regardless of whether you're in the fandom or not. I need that quote on a t-shirt.

14 Feb 2023.

At the olden age where I stalk people's accounts on quora for hours.

15 Feb 2023.

"I do respect her! She's got the best tits in the year, that's very respectable!" Certain teenage boys are a special breed from hell.

16 Feb 2023.

If you put potato slices in the oven along with egg whisk you'll have a foodgasming meal.

17 Feb 2023.

Think I'm catching the flu.. Also, my neigbour keeps playing jazz really loudly everyday at approximately 11pm.

18 Feb 2023.

Ate the sweetest orange ever.

19 Feb 2023.

Hypothetically, how much chewing gum does a person need to swallow before immediate death.

31 May 2023.

Had big thoughts today.. Pondering etc..