hello peeps!! this is a place where i talk about stuff thats on my mind. stuff thats too short for a diary or blog entry.

i loosely got the layout inspo from swirl, who got the inspo from this site
but i coded it myself bc i dont understand that site. and i also feel iffy about using status cafe bc im afraid of all my stasues disappearing.. so i chose to just update it manually rip.

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Brain dump

put in some work girl!

I find myself browsing so many neocities accounts, wishing for an account to have the exact type of information and be the exact type of website I love and wanna see. Then I realised that.. searching for something I can relate to is not helpful, when i have the option to write it myself! I'll make my website the type of website that I would want to read. I want it to be packed with information about academics, literature, and my life in extensive detail because that's exactly what I search for in other blogs.

say no to being pretentious

I don't want to be at that point in blogging where I only read stuff (books, articles etc) just to add it to my website and look "intellectual". I strive for everything that is on this website and that will come on this website to be because I wanted it.

this is not social media and u are not beyonce

I follow a lot of people on Neocities and comment on a lot of people's websites, and I hope they don't think than they're then obliged to follow me or do the same .. This isn't like social media, there is no pressure to follow just because the other followed. I follow blogs that look interesting and want to be updated to, I comment because I talk a lot and I love talking. It's just that. I expect nothing in return.