"I want us to be together as well…I don't mind you. So I want us to be together. You and me and Sayuri…" - Mai Kawasumi

Who is the holy creator of this website?

You can call me Aslan. I'm a simple minded (lie) person blessed with average features (fact). I love a lot of things, most ardently, so many that I forget most of my interests the moment someone asks me about them. I really love reading, though, and consuming media, and learning. I'm always ready to learn, so make sure to email me your latest findings or fun facts!! I want to hear it all.
I'm simple at heart. I love friends and strangers emailing me about their day, about small things. I love talking about irrelevant things. I love the simpleness.
I also really love self expression, be it neat or messy, so if my wesbite looks crowded, that's probably why! I love a lot of things, it's a mess in my head so it's a mess on the site.
Furthermore, when I get my own appartement, I'd like a cat. I also want to become someone who has a job that doesn't eat away at their free time. Who knows, maybe I'll publish some books later too, fiction or scientific. Stay tuned!
But as of now, being in my early twenties, I just love doing whatever I want and whatever I feel up to. One of these rebellious, pre-frontal-cortex-development antics include staying up until sunrise doing quizzes. Look on the right for my results! :3

What is this website for?

I'm glad you asked.. This website doesn't have one specific interest as I just use it for all my interests. I will be writing diary entries, journal entries, essays, thought pieces, shrines, talking about and showing art/books, ranting about my other interests like biology or herbology. I will keep doing this until I let everything in my system out and I can get to other stuff.
I'm planning on finishing this site as a whole and then starting a new project.. but that is way too ahead in time. For now, I want to build a community, a neighbourhood. I want to stop relying on social media and stay here on neocities to talk about whatever I want, and to bond with others too.

What type of otaku are you?

What Shoujo Anime Character Are You?

What Ouran High School Host Club Host Are You?

Which Black Rock Shooter Girl Are You?

"I won't forgive you. If you make Sayuri sad, I shall never forgive you!" Mai Kawasumi